Matkine slovo

Mamičky boli vždy našimi prvými zákazníkmi, pretože keď vyskúšajú naše výrobky, zamilujú si ich.

Vytvorili sme tento priestor – Slovo matky – aby sme sa podelili o všetky pozitívne recenzie, ktoré denne dostávame prostredníctvom Facebooku, e-mailu a Instagramu a ktoré nám dodávajú nadšenie, aby sme sa každý deň zlepšovali.

Zistite, čo hovoria ostatné mamičky, a potom vyskúšajte body, fľaše a ďalšie produkty J BIMBI… #paroladimamma

Mamma Emanuela

Prodotto testato: Body

I have only been using them for a short time, but they are really exceptional, soft and comfortable, unlike ordinary leotards, they do not leave marks on the body, but fit very well

Mamma Valentina

Prodotto testato: Body

I have only been using these for a year now. They are fantastic

Mamma Noemi

Prodotto testato: Body

Gorgeous and very comfortable

Mamma Giulia

Prodotto testato: Body

Fantastic indeed! Excellent value for money. Very soft and very comfortable even with washable nappies! Super satisfied with my purchase!

Mamma Carolina

Prodotto testato: Biberon

I bought it yesterday … I am very happy with my daughter, who is 4 months old … she has always had regurgitation problems with this little bottle, not even a drop ????

Mamma Daniela

Prodotto testato: Body

Thank you J Bimbi, I was pleasantly surprised by the prices, as well as by your beautiful product???? Finally a bodysuit that fits well and above all adheres to the skin at every point (my son is very thin and all the bodysuits purchased up to now were baggy) congratulations and thank you for having made a product, innovative, beautiful, nice and economical in time.

Mamma Denise

Prodotto testato: Biberon

My little one has learnt to eat with your teat and I am delighted because the product is really good, much less colic and less reflux.

Mamma Paola

Prodotto testato: Biberon

I have been using your glass feeding bottle since my baby was one week old, never, and I mean never, had a colic. He is now 7 months old and we continue to use it successfully, so much so that this morning it accidentally slipped out of my hands and broke, I went running to buy a new one!!! Thank you J Bimbi! TOP QUALITY!